Mountain Biking in Squamish British Columbia

With a trail system that is envied around the world, satisfying every skill level, mountain biking has become a popular way of exploring Squamish British Columbia. Home to some of Canada’s best mountain biking trails, visitors to Squamish will find trails for all ages and abilities, satisfying anyone from the professional biker to the novice explorer.

Executive Suites Hotel & Resort Squamish is your doorway to explore Squamish’s network of trails from the easy and intermediate to the more challenging biking trails. We have created a special Stay & Bike package to ensure that you’re off on the right foot (or in this case -wheels) on your way to discover the beauty of Squamish.

Enjoy our all-suite condo-style accommodations, each with a balcony and spectacular views. Relax in our outdoor pool, unwind with a Living Well Spa service in your suite or dine in our new restaurant Norman Rudy’s.